Aritest Profesores

Create and edit your own multiple-choice tests

  • Aritest Profesores
  • 2.8.62
  • License : Trial
  • Op. System : Windows
  • Language : English
  • Author : Arisoft


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Arisoft introduces a comprehensive app to create multiple-choice tests.

The program is crafted for facilities that use training systems based on subject and concept learning through multiple-choice questions.

Aritest Professores lets you design your own training programs and, in addition, gives you all the necessary tools to manage your own modern training center. It's a customizable app designed for interactive use between both the student and the professor.

Highlighted features:

The app lets you control which students take tests, analyzes their mistakes, difficulties, and categories where they committed the most mistakes.

The Aritest Profesores server version also lets you create customizable CDs so that the students can take the tests at home and control the results. It also allows the digitalization of the entire course.

The program can be useful for driving schools, exam preparation, and, in general, all learning centers or professors that need to create tests to evaluate their students.

The trial version only lets you preview submitted tests, not print them or export the content. All of these features are available in the paid version.

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