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SICAR Punto de Venta is a commercial management tool designed for medium-sized businesses. It helps owners reduce the time they spend managing clients, forms, inventories, warehouse, sales, products, etc.

The application has a simple interface that's very easy to use. It's especially helpful for users that aren't used to working with this type of program. That's to say, practically anyone can get the hang of SICAR Punto de Venta in a matter of minutes.

The program allows you to manage the different elements cited in the first paragraph. You can add all the necessary information that's related to the different areas of your business, including the prices of each product, their article number, the stock, etc.

SICAR Punto de Venta is a point of sale tool that's very comprehensive and easy to use. It's aimed particularly at small to medium-sized businesses located in Spanish speaking regions.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386

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