Karaoke compatible with original discs of this device

  • PyKaraoke
  • v0.7.1
  • License : GNU
  • Op. System : Windows
  • Language : English
  • Author : Kelvin Lawson


PyKaraoke icon

If you still have all those original discs you bought for your old karaoke, PyKaraoke is the program you need to recycle them.

PyKaraoke is a player that supports a wide variety of song formats, among them: CDG or MP3+G (an mp3 file with the lyrics in it).

It’s eay to use, just access the File menu and choose the option Add New Songs to Database. Choose the folders where you you want PyKaraoke to search for the songs and click Scan Now button to start adding songs automatically. Of course you can also add them manually by selecting them one by one or in groups.

It doesn’t matter if the file is compressed as a ZIP file, PyKaraoke will find them.

Finally, PyKaraoke allows you to create a playlist featuring the songs you like the most. They’ll be played in the selected order.

Remeber that PyKaraoke also supports MIDI, KAR, OGG+G, WAV+G and MPEG.

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