QupZilla Portable

Lightweight, portable web browser

  • QupZilla Portable
  • 2.1.1
  • License : Free
  • Op. System : Windows
  • Language : English
  • Author : David Rosca


QupZilla Portable icon

QupZilla is a WebKit-based web browser, just like Mozilla Firefox and several others. Because of this, it’s really fast, and thanks to this portable version, using it will be even easier without having to waste any time.

Thanks to its integrated ad-block, you won’t have to look for other ways of getting rid of pop-ups and most other annoying ads you run into every day.

The unified library makes finding the pages you are looking for much easier, as you can search your history, favorites and feeds all at the same time.

When opening a new tab, you’ll find a window on which you can access your most visited pages more quickly, and which you can edit at your will.

All of these features make speed QupZilla’s main advantage, so if you want to browse more quickly, all you have to do is download it.

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