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Create an educational bingo game with math, geography, languages…


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With Schoolhouse Bingo 2, you can encourage learning multiple subjects by creating fun bingo games that will help your students forget that they are even studying.

Using it is as simple as entering your clues and their corresponding solutions into a database. They can be anything from mathematical operations to synonyms and antonyms, country capitals, elements of the periodic table… the only limit is your imagination.

The program itself includes various automatic game generators that you can create with just one click, and you can expand your collection with free downloadable plugins from the program's official website.

Once you've successfully entered your data, just print out the bingo cards that are automatically generated (or generate additional cards with another click) and the Call Sheet that includes the clues for that game.

It's a simple tool to use that will help you convert your classroom or home into a fun learning space.

The trial version will add a banner ad to exported files.

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