Screenshot Captor

An screenshot captor with lots of options

  • Screenshot Captor
  • 4.20.1
  • License : Free
  • Op. System : Windows
  • Language : English
  • Author : Donationcoder


Screenshot Captor icon

Screenshot Captor is a different Screenshot captor. When you say screenshot captor you think about a program that saves in a file the image you are watching on the screen, but ScreenShot Captor goes further and it includes a lot of options which make it different.

Once you have run the program, we will only have to press ‘PrtScr’ and an image of the captured image will be shown on screen. Then, we will be able to choose a zone of the image to capture, adjust it, rotate, change colors,…

We can also configure the actions that the program will do when pressing ‘PrtScr’, we can decide if it will capture full screen, a rectangular area, the window we are browsing,…

And it allows us to capture the picture as .jpg, .gif, .tif and .png format

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